Published articles from FLOODIS:

Rossi, C., W. Stemberger, C. Bielski, G. Zeug, N. Costa, D. Poletto, E. Spaltro, and F. Dominici, “Coupling Crowdsourcing, Earth Observations, and E-GNSS in a Novel Flood Emergency Service in the Cloud”, IEEE international Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Milan, 07/2015 (

Rossi, C., A. Favenza, F. Scullino, V. Macchia, G. Spoto, and F. Dominici, “Evaluating FLOODIS: Mobile Sensing for a Flood Emergency Service in the Cloud”, IEEE CLOUDTECH, Marrakesh, Morocco, 06/2015. (

 Favenza, A., C. Rossi, M. Pasin, and F. Dominici, “A Cloud-based Approach to GNSS Augmentation for Navigation Services”, 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC), London, United Kingdom, 12/2014. (

Project reports from FLOODIS:

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D2.2.2 – Technical User Requirements for FLOODIS

D3.1 – Technical Feasibility Study

D4.1 – System Design and Specification

D8.1 – Dissemination Plan (Please note that FLOODIS has submitted a project extension request to the EC and thus the timeline presented in this deliverable may have to be adjusted)

D8.2 – Dissemination Report Issue 1

Presentation of FLOODIS Social Media Research

FLOODIS audio-visual presentation


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FLOODIS eNewsletter – June 2014

FLOODIS eNewsletter – January 2015

FLOODIS eNewsletter – September 2015


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