In-field testing of the FLOODIS app took place on 11 September 2013 along the Livenza River in Motta di Livenza and Meduna di Livenza. The event was attended by Civil Protection volunteers (from the Associazione Nazionale Alpini di Motta di Livenza), the mayors of Motta di Livenza and Meduna di Livenza, as well as the Autorita’ di Bacino.


Screenshots of the FLOODIS app during the in-field tests of 11 September along the Livenza River, Veneto, Italy

This was followed by a demonstration of the FLOODIS DSS at the CP operational centre in Motta di Livenza.


Screenshot of the FLOODIS DSS, showing submitted professional reports and citizen’s reports and a flood delineation map for Meduna di Livenza and Motta di Livenza


 Photos taken at the Operational Centre of the Civil Protection of Motta di Livenza with CP volunteers from ANA (Associazione Nazionale Alpini)

JULY 2015

The FLOODIS prototype app and DSS (Decision Support System) were successfully demonstrated for the first time in Shkodra, Albania at the beginning of July 2015. The FLOODIS team was supported by the Albanian Red Cross and the in-field test was scrutinised by the General Director of Civil Emergencies, Mr Shemsi Pençi, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Afterwards he stated that he could see significant value in FLOODIS for both citizens and first civil protection responders.


 Photos taken during the Albanian live in-field demonstration on 2 July 2015, showing testing of the FLOODIS app near the Buna river, Shkodra and demonstration of the FLOODIS DSS.


The screenshot above shows the map of the Shkodra region as seen on the FLOODIS tablet application for professional users during the in-field testing. It shows a number of layers – indicated in dark blue is the satellite-based flood delineation (as taken from the 2010 floods in this region). The current status (nowcast) is shown in light blue – this was derived from the geo-tagged user reports (of the water level) and an DEM, and indicated the area that potentially could be flooded. While the orange layer shows the 24 hour forecast based on the weather forecast from EFAS. 22 geo-located user reports can also be seen – mostly from professional users (indicated in green).


The screenshot above shows the list of geo-tagged professional (indicated in green) and user reports (indicated in pink) submitted during the in-field test in Shkodra.