FLOODIS was a collaborative European Community project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-SPACE-2013-1), which was successfully concluded after two years of development work (2013-2015). FLOODIS exploits European services (Copernicus EMS, EFAS) and European GNSS (EGNOS/EDAS) to providing a better flood information service that improves flood emergency response.

FLOODIS features three kind of map products: (i) flood delineation maps that are automatically fetched from Copernicus EMS and dynamically visualized on a map; (ii) flood nowcast maps that are created from crowdsourced reports; (iii) and flood forecast maps that are based on a 2-D flood model (LISFLOOP-FP) taking into account EFAS sensor forecasts and the Corine Land Cover. Both nowcast and forecast are computed considering the Digital Elevation Model of the Earth (EU-DEM).

FLOODIS allows both citizens and in-field responders (civil protection, red cross, etc..) to send geolocated pictures that can quickly complement the status assessment, and that are used by FLOODIS to compute a flood nowcast layer. A cloud-based position augmentation service based on EGNOS/EDAS has been realized to validate the position of mobile devices and improve its accuracy.
The FLOODIS crowdsourcing approach, coupled with professional reporting, can improve citizen’s awareness and engagement while providing a reliable flood information service. FLOODIS is both a mobile application (available for all mobile platforms) and a Cloud Decision Support System deployed on Microsoft Azure that helps decision makers at Operational Centres.
FLOODIS will has been successfully validated in Regione Veneto and Albania, where it is soon become part of the official operational procedures through an integration project financed by UNESCO.

A new project has been founded by the European Commission under the H2020 Secure Society work Programme (DRS-1-2015) that further extends the FLOODIS approach to all phases of the emergency and that covers multiple type of hazards. It is I-REACT: Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies.


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